2021-2022 Season

December 10 - February 26

2021-2022 Season

December 10 - February 26


Two Divisions: 

  • JV National
  • JV American


  • 12 regular season games
  • Playoffs for teams that qualify

Playoff Schedule:

Semi Final Games: 

National & American Divisions Semi-Final games are scheduled:

Thursday, February 24, 2022
JV American Division  3:50 PM Rink A
(1ST Woodstock vs 4TH Hudson)

Friday, February 25, 2022
JV National Division   5:00 PM  Rink A
(1ST Shrewsbury vs 4TH Algonquin)

JV National Division   6:10 PM   Rink A
(2ND Grafton vs 3RD Marlboro)
JV American Division 7:20 PM  Rink A
(2ND Hopedale vs 3RD Keefe Tech)


Championship Games:

Championship games are scheduled:

                   Saturday, February 26, 2022
JV National Division       6:00 PM  Rink A (Semi-Final Winners)
JV American Division     7:30 PM   Rink A (Semi-Final Winners)

Please note: coaches need to submit their team's blackout dates prior to November 9th as games will not be rescheduled if a team has a conflict.  However, coach may reschedule with opponent utilizing open ice available at NorthStar.

Team Registration and Deposit DUE NO LATER THAN November 5, 2021
​in order to be included in game schedule. 

Balance due December 3, 2021.

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Past JV League Champions

Congratulations to all teams in the High School JV League. Thank you for making it another successful season!
JV American Champion:​Hopedale
JV National Champion:​Hudson
JV Middle school Champion:​T-Hawks
JV American runner up:​Keefe Tech ​
JV National runner up: Westboro
JV Middle school runner up: Shrewsbury OMS